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Workplace Mediation Services

Workplace Mediation enables businesses and organisations to resolve workplace disputes and conflicts.

What Is Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation is one of the most efficient and cost effective mechanisms available to an organisation attempting to resolve workplace disputes and conflicts. Facilitated by an independent third party, it is a flexible and informal process where both parties to the conflict or dispute have equal authority to reach agreements and where their perspective is respected. The process encourages openness and honesty and has the benefit of being both voluntary and confidential to the limits of the law.

The Workplace Mediation Process

Workplace Mediation is a process where the parties explore their areas of difficulty in a safe environment with a view to reaching a mutually acceptable solution:

  • The mediator does not engage in making judgements.
  • Information learned in the process cannot be used outside of the workplace mediation process.
  • The settlement terms remain confidential to the parties and to the mediator unless they agree otherwise.
  • Workplace Mediation cannot be used as a means of threatening, intimidating or bullying participants.

The workplace mediation process usually takes the following steps:

  • Initial individual meeting
  • The Joint Meeting
  • Post Mediation Process

Our Workplace Mediation Services

We provide a workplace mediation service to organisations where there is a threat of a breakdown in the working relationship due to:

  • Interpersonal differences
  • At the recommendation of a dignity at work, grievance or disciplinary process
  • To assist with the resolution of industrial relations concerns (individual impact) related to, for example, the introduction of change.

We provide a free telephone consultation to discuss the mediation requirements of the organisation.

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