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Workplace Facilitation

Workplace Facilitation helps organisations resolve collective disputes with employees.

What Is Workplace Facilitation

Workplace Facilitation describes a collective process in which representatives can participate and where the organisation is one of the parties to the dispute. It is also used for individual disputes where the claim is against the organisation and where arbitration is not desired by either party. Arbitration can follow a Workplace Facilitation process.

Workplace Facilitation Process

Workplace Facilitation assists organisations in the orderly settlement of sometimes individual but generally collective disputes. This is achieved by working proactively with employers, employees and or other representatives to assist the resolution of immediate problems as well as supporting the enhancement of in-house approaches to dispute resolution and avoidance.

The capacity of the facilitator to win the trust and confidence of the parties to the dispute is what is most important. The voluntary nature and the informality of the workplace facilitation process has broad appeal. The fact that it is voluntary means that the parties can choose the third party and this enhances the quality of the process. The parties are expected to attend workplace facilitation with a view to sensible movement of their positions if a suitable opportunity arises.

Our Workplace Facilitation Services

Our workplace facilitation services are sought where there is a need for a dedicated urgent resource or where a more long term engagement is required involving a range of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as ‘Joint Working Parties’ or ‘Joint Problem Solving’.

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