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Workplace & Employee Arbitration

We provide organisations with an independant Workplace Arbitration services to resolve disputes in the workplace.

What Is Arbitration in the Workplace?

Workplace Arbitration is a decision-making process used to resolve disputes. An independent third party hears the respective claims of both parties and then makes a decision to resolve the dispute. In most cases the parties agree in advance for the arbitrator’s decision to be binding. Arbitration is often conducted are to address issues related to:

  • Arbitrations related to executive level issues.
  • Pre and post-dismissal arbitrations.
  • Employment claim arbitrations (sometimes the arbitration process is provided for in local procedures).

Workplace Arbitration Process

While we will provide a range of ‘alternative dispute resolution’ options, the offer of process must be appropriate to the issue in dispute, the expectations of the parties and the culture of the organisation. We’re generally asked to do traditional arbitration where the parties agree to accept the outcome in advance. More recently the concept of Med-Arb has become more popular.

Our Workplace Arbitration Services

We provide a skilled Workplace Arbitration service to help organisations bring to a conclusion key disputes in their workplace.

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