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Positive Employee Relations for Line Managers

Positive Employee Relations For Line Managers

This workshop is intensive and radically different from the fuzzy, formulaic training all too common today.

We designed it so that its bottom-line investment value to our clients is guaranteed – and evident from start to finish. In other words, it pays off on the job.

In contrast, over 95% of current training still follows a passive ‘classroom’ approach that fails to uncover the real human spirit and potential in participants – and fails to inspire.

But Positive Employee Relations for Line Managers is not just different in concept, it is exceptional in how it works. First, it does away with reading and sleep-inducing ‘slide shows.’ Instead, it uses dynamic engagement, authentic case studies and job-specific activities that develop the acumen, experience and individual potential of every attendee.

After extensively testing all instructional elements we are confident that no program of equal merit exists.

It’s challenging, no doubt. It requires participants to engage actively throughout. All to ensure that your organisation gets the maximum bottom-line payoff.

As all executive managers know, today’s line manager, along with being technically proficient, must also be a thinker, communicator, motivator, problem solver, and an emotionally intelligent leader.

That’s why this training starts with mind-set. Because your managers will excel when they understand how and why their success, and the success of your organisation, depends first on their emotional competence: skills in engagement, judgment, conflict resolution, mediation, trust, morale-building, collaboration and self-management.

Participants move on from this foundation, applying new practical skills to increasingly complex situations, all the time under the expert guidance and individualised coaching of the facilitators.

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