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Whistleblowing at Work & Ethics

We provide consultancy to organisations who are addressing actual or potential compliance concerns

Forde HR Solutions assists organisations in identifying and understanding the gaps in their culture and processes. We consult with organisations to provide appropriate codes and practices for their training of management and staff.

By emphasising company-wide values instead of narrow, compliance-based ethics, we help organisations strengthen their ethical culture — their primary defence against risk. We provide consultancy in the following areas:

Managing Compliance Risk

We assist organisations in:

  • Identifying employee relations and compliance/ ethical risk factors
  • Supporting managements in developing solutions to manage these risks

  • Improving management and employee awareness and capability about employee relations, ethical and compliance risks

  • Designing appropriate policies such as bullying or harassment, code of conduct/ ethics and whistleblowing policies

  • Providing advice and support on integrating a compliance/ ethical approach to the management and day-to-day working decisions of the organisation.
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Code Of Conduct & Workplace Ethics

We advise organisations on achieving ethical behaviour through both policy and best practice approaches. We support them in the development, consultation, briefing and ongoing auditing of the code of conduct or compliance.
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Developing A Whistleblowing Policy

Many organisations now actively encourage staff to raise the matter where they have a doubt, a suspicion or are uneasy about something. We have experience of advising organisations on the design and implementation of a whistleblowing policy. We can also arrange to put in place a range of reporting options both internal and external to the organisation.
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Protected Disclosure Legislation

The ‘Whistleblowing’ legislation is intended to provide a statutory framework within which workers can make certain disclosures in the public interest about concerns regarding potential wrongdoing in certain workplaces. The proposed legislation has much for affected organisations, employees, and their representatives to consider.
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