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Organisational Development Consultancy & Change Management

We diagnose and recommend organisational remedies to manage the implementation of change in organisations.

We provide organisational development and effective change management strategies for clients who are improving their structure or implementing a change. We providechange management consultancy in the following areas:

Organisational Development

Organisational Development (OD) is a ‘plan change’ model which can be incremental or radical. We respond to clients’ needs by:

  1. Helping identify what data needs to be collected, how, and by whom.

  2. Recommending responses to the issues that emerge

  3. Ensuring that those who are critical to success of the change – the management and staff – remain actively involved.
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Managing Change in the Workplace

Change management is the set of tools and techniques which enables organisations to be deliberate and intentional in their response to change. We assist organisations in the following areas:

  1. Design of the change programme
  2. Management of the critical change variables
  3. Management of the Change Systems
  4. Implementation of the change programmeRead more about the Management of Change here

Employee Relations

We also bring employee relations expertise and a facility with the practical implications of implementing change. We do this in partnership with management and staff. We appreciate that implementing change means getting under the surface of employees’ engagement with the organisation and the change proposed.
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