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Employee Relations Best Practice

We consult with organisations about Employee Relations best practices in the workplace

Employment Relations & Our Consultancy Services

We’ve found that poor Employee Relations (ER) structures and practice give rise to claims against employers or ineffective workplace practices. Risk, equity, conflict, communications, engagement, consistency are some examples where a best practice approach would benefit organisations.

In facilitating the resolution of workplace conflict we may diagnose causative factors capable of being addressed through policies, training, awareness building or a different approach to employee engagement. In facilitating the implementation of a change programme, we may encounter concerns relating to communications, bargaining capabilities, organisational flexibility which can be addressed through implementing best practice approaches. We consult in the following areas:

ER Audit

We can audit your current susceptibility to HR operational risk and make recommendations for the resolution of concerns. This involves ensuring that all employment legislation obligations are correctly transposed into policies/ procedures, which are then communicated properly and implemented appropriately.

Employment Contracts

Properly drafted contracts of employment set out roles, responsibilities and mechanisms for conflict resolution. Contracts must be capable of withstanding scrutiny and be clear about roles and responsibilities.

HR Policies

HR Policies are key to supporting management in their roles and in providing a context for employees to make judgements about their behaviour and work standards. Properly drafted, consulted and communicated policies support organisational effectiveness, flexibility and change management.

Unwelcome Organisational Behaviours

We provide support for organisations addressing bullying concerns and cultures through the development of appropriate policies and processes and providing training about addressing bullying/ harassment/ sexual harassment and upgrading the skills of management in dealing with concerns which arise.

Bargaining & Engagement

The careful management of the bargaining/ engagement relationship with employees and/or trade unions or other representatives is supported by ensuring that managers, particularly, are trained and given the confidence and skills to implement ER policies and practices.

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