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Jerome Forde

Jerome Forde, Managing Director of
Forde HR Solutions.

HR Solutions & Consultancy in Dublin, Ireland

We help you implement Positive Employee Relations and gain all the benefits that flow from that.

The payoff from developing the critical relationship between your line manager(s) and employees is positive workplace collaboration and efficiency. Newly-confident managers feel better equipped to handle change, disputes, whistleblowing/ ethics and other on-the-job concerns.

The management of such issues determines whether you enjoy health or hostility in workplace relations. And all contribute to or take from your success.

Our expertise will help you implement broad best practice structures and the know-how that stimulates positive collaboration, higher performance and increased profitability.

Call us for a confidential discussion about any workplace concern, including workplace investigations, conflict resolution, employee training, consulting or HR outsourcing.

Resolution Services

We facilitate workplace investigations and the resolution of individual or group employment disputes.

HR Outsourcing

We provide HR outsourcing to small and medium sized employers and those in the ‘Not for Profit’ Sector.


We train line managers and employees on a range of employee relations and management concerns.


We consult on organisational development and change, ethics & whistleblowing.

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